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The following are a sample of pictures during treatment at Still Point, which will be added to over the coming months.  The first 6 pictures are views of Still Point and looking out of the treatment room. Pictures 7 - 11 show my 'young apprentice'.  It is important to begin early developing palpatory skills!!

1-12 | 13-24 | 25-36 | 37-39

Still Point Pics 018.jpg Still Point Pics 019.jpg Still Point Pics 023.jpg Still Point Pics 027.jpg Still Point Pics 030.jpg Still Point Pics 036.jpg Still Point Pics 042.jpg X6 1st download 043.jpg X6 1st download 047.jpg X6 1st download 055.jpg X6 1st download 059.jpg X6 1st download 072.jpg
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