People's Stories


In osteopathy, it is a privilege to work with people with a wide variety of problems.  We never promise anything to anyone at Still Point, but always say that the body can and will heal itself if the possibility is there.  Treatment is merely an intervention, guiding the healing process. 


Osteopathy is a relatively young profession. Whilst the body of supporting evidence is gaining pace, there are only a handful of problems that we can advertise as being able to help because this has been shown in research (see ‘What do osteopaths treat’). This page is therefore dedicated to those patients who wanted to tell their story so as to better inform other potential patients about the range of possibilities with osteopathic treatment.


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David’s Story - 2018


Just a few words to express my gratitude to James for the excellent treatment I received. My problem started with a trapped nerve in my neck over 15 years ago which was treated successfully but left me with a slight occasional niggling pain in my right shoulder. Two years later I was hit in the rear at a set of traffic lights whilst riding my motorcycle, more, just sitting waiting for the lights to change.


The result was a visit to the local hospital on a spinal board and lots of prodding and poking but, thankfully, no serious injury just very extensive and quite painful bruising. A few weeks later a noticed the pain in my right shoulder was no longer so occasional and a little more than niggling but not sufficient to cause me any problems, just annoying.


I found sleeping the most difficult as I could feel the ache when lying on my right side and this interrupted my sleep if I turned over onto this side during the night. I have lived with this minor issue since until a few weeks ago I tripped whilst on holiday hitting my left shoulder and causing severe bruising. My fault but I was sober and the bruising, I knew, would go away after a few days.


What I did not expect was the pain which appeared in my right shoulder without any apparent reason. On the advice of my daughter I made an appointment to see an osteopath and so went to see James. 


On the initial visit he verbally thoroughly investigated my history and carried out an extensive physical examination and finished the session with a short manipulation either side of my spine having diagnosed that the problem was not in my shoulder but was, in fact, a spinal issue.


Two days later my shoulder felt considerably less painful with some days having no pain at all. I went for a second session where he was able to spend the whole session working on my spine and my neck where I have always had restricted movement.


Three weeks later I rarely have any pain, my neck movement has improved considerably and I sleep better. James was not only very thorough and professional but has almost completely eradicated a problem I have suffered for the last 15 years despite physiotherapy.


I would like to express my thanks and best wishes for what I know will be an outstanding career.



Joanne's Story - 2018

Thank you James for your expert treatment!  You made the experience relaxing and stress free by listening to what I had to say and thinking carefully about what you would do and how you would do it.  You included me at all times and I felt totally at ease. James used a wide variety of techniques, talking me through each one so that I knew what was going to happen and then encouraging feedback to gauge what was best for me.  I always felt comfortable expressing my opinion to James. The treatment for my neck and shoulders was amazing – from barely being able to turn my head and waking each morning with pain I am now able to move freely and easily with no pain at all.  



I would highly recommend James’ osteopathy!



Emmy’s Story

Clifford Conway:

First of all, I'll tell you about Tim.  He was 4 years 1 month when I first saw him in March 2003. Tim's birth was traumatic, he was 'back to back' and was an emergency caesarian delivery after failed forceps and ventouse.  He had physio as a newborn for 'torticollis' and in the early months, his mother Lorna noticed Tim's eyes rolling back in their sockets.  At 12 months, Tim fell downstairs at home from about half way up the stairs.  By 18 months old, his symptoms had progressed into 'twitching movements' of the head and neck - then the same in the upper body by the age of three.  Tim had been seen by his GP and a paediatrician and was about to begin medication for suspected epilepsy. After 3 treatments over a period of 2 months, all Tim's symptoms had resolved. Then 10 months later, Lorna noticed his eyes beginning to roll back again and we had one further treatment.  I spoke to Lorna today and Tim has had no recurrence of his symptoms since. If anyone would like to speak with Lorna, she can be contacted through me.


At the beginning of March 2012 a patient came to see me and told me about a little girl called Emmy that she knew. Emmy was born in July 2010.


This is Emmy's Story, told by her parents Tracy and Stuart.  She is the initial inspiration behind 'People's Story's'.

Our daughter, Emmy started having generalised seizures from the very start of her life. These happened most days, with anything from 3 to 20 per day. As first time parents we were terrified and started on a huge journey of emergency hospital visits via Ambulance, hospital appointments, various testing, investigations and evaluations, all of which were extremely traumatic for Emmy. On instruction from her Neurologist we began dosing Emmy up with copious amounts of anti-epileptic medications, unfortunately all of this had absolutely no effect on halting her seizures (just made her extremely drowsy) and thankfully all the testing came back negative. Doctors were at a loss as to what kind of epilepsy Emmy was suffering from and what was causing it. Seemingly a healthy little girl if it wasn't for the seizures! Very frustrating for us. We even went to the worlds childrens hospital in hope, also known as Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. After a week of various tests, 'sorry there's nothing we can do for your daughter' they said.


It is only in hindsight that we realise....this is when the real and best journey of our lives began. Shortly after coming home from Great Ormond Street in Feb 2012 we were at an all time low. However, an inkling of hope was raised when a family friend told his osteomyologist about our struggles with Emmy and was urged to tell us about him. A gentleman called Clifford told us he may be able to help with her so far uncontrollable seizures, and by now we were willing to try any different route to help our daughter. We visited Clifford on approximately 6 different occasions from March to June and slowly began to see improvements.  These included better sleeping patterns and less severe seizures, which were lasting only seconds rather than minutes. Eventually we were that confident we began taking Emmy off her medication and in June 2012, she was finally free of taking any drugs for the first time in her 2 years of life.  


Very kindly, Clifford taught me (her Mum) how to treat Emmy at home using his techniques, which I do each night. Consequently, Emmy has now been seizure free for seven whole weeks; the longest seizure free period ever. For the first time we are now extremely positive for her future, (for anyone who has had close experience with epilepsy they will know and understand just how life threatening and debilitating it can be for an individual). We are still perplexed by Clifford's gentle, knowing touch and just how intricately in-tune he is with other peoples' bodies and their natural rhythms.


For us, seeking alternative therapy / treatment other than those available on the NHS was the best thing we ever did, changing our lives for the better and we will definitely be open minded to go down this route for any future problems.


Comment: As I write we are nearly 9 weeks without seizures.  This has been a slow transition, first one week, then two - then nearly four weeks, when Emmy had another crisis and was taken into hospital for the weekend with severe clusters of seizures. It has been a very moving experience both for myself and the parents. A young married couple with their lives ahead of them, turned upside down with fear, anxiety, stress and the uncertainty of the future.  Tracy and Stuart have coped remarkably well and I am so pleased to see them having some peace in their lives at last.  They are both very attentive and caring parents.  Tracy is a particularly sensitive mother and as Emmy began to progress I showed Tracy how to 'listen to the Cranial Rhythm' which she could immediately tune into.


For readers of my website, refer to the 'Still Point phenomena' - this is the technique Tracy refers to above.  She was apprehensive at first, but after gentle persuasion, she understood that she could do no harm - only good.  The bonding between both parents and Emmy is remarkable.  Each evening now, Tracy induces a Still Point before Emmy drops off to sleep.  She is achieving so much within this process beyond what she may know or understand.  Next year she wants to do a Cranial course to progress that understanding.


So what happened with Tim and Emmy.  Who can truly say??  Tim was the catalyst and Emmy the inspiration to reach others with their story's. There is more and more pressure within the professions to lay everything out on a scientific basis.  I cannot do that.  But I can quote William Garner Sutherland - the founder of Cranial Osteopathy: - “The cerebrospinal fluid is the highest known element that is contained in the human body, and unless the brain furnishes this fluid in abundance, a disabled condition of the body will remain. He who is able to reason will see that this great river of life must be tapped and the withering fields irrigated at once, or the harvest of health be forever lost.


I will keep you updated from time to time on Emmy's progress.  Her parents are happy to communicate, through me, with anyone who wishes to.


UPDATE November 2012

Yesterday Emmy reached 16 weeks without a seizure.  We have also been treating her for a problem with her left leg.  Her foot was turning inwards (intoeing), which was very obvious when she was standing.  She had a cast made at the hospital but fortunately we have negated the use of this with treatment.  Emmy is literally taking 'great leaps' and is starting to try to walk now.


UPDATE January 2013- In mid December Emmy started cluster fitting again after nearly 20 weeks with no seizures. She spent a day in hospital, then her parents brought her over for a series of treatments and she gradually stabilised again over a period of 2 weeks.  Her parents resisted pressure applied to place Emmy back on a drug regime. She had her last seizure Xmas day and has been fine again since. We feel this episode was possibly triggered by a combination of a urinary infection which proved difficult to treat plus running a high temparature at onset.  The infection involved multiple 'samples' and several courses of anti-biotics to eradicate. Emmy is still trying to walk assisted - a stage that at one time her parents thought they may never see. She 'witters away' in her own little language - we still await her first proper spoken word! Her Mum is booked on a Cranio-Sacral course in July this year.


UPDATE May 2013 - In mid-January 2013, Emmy had a recurrence of the urinary infection shortly after the last one appeared to have cleared. The seizures began again in early February and she was taken back into hospital one night with cluster seizures. The doctors diagnosed a viral infection as well as the urinary infection. Tracy and Stuart brought Emmy for treatment three times over the next week.  She also began a course of 'natural organic remedies'. She is also now on a 'dairy free diet'. It is interesting that when Emmy's immune system is compromised, or when any infection causes a rise in body temparature, that her seizures become an issue again! Her last seizure was on February 17th. She has been clear again since then. She still tries to walk with assistance to help balance. We still await the first few steps on her own!!


UPDATE July 2016 - Tracy and Stuart

So, Emmy is now 6 years old.  During this time we have been able to unravel some things that were causing her pain and misery and helped to make her life easier and more content. This has been about observing, knowing, feeling, patience and most of all, belief in what we were doing (with help from Clifford). 

She continues with a wheat free and dairy free diet, which has helped with her discomfort in her bowels massively, alongside natural organic remedies to aid good gut bacteria.  Having better gut health has had a real knock on effect to her overall health.  She also now takes medication (very gentle and non absorbing meds) for her chronic constipation, which has added to the improvement in her health.

She still continues to seize although it occurs now only when she is fighting a virus or illness of some sort. 

Her epilepsy unfortunately is intractable and cannot be controlled or stopped using usual methods that work for many epilepsy sufferers.  We manage her seizures through keeping her overall health as good as it can be and keeping on top of monthly visits to Clifford at Still Point in Kendal.

The results are wonderful to see.  Clifford uses his connection with Emmy and she is always ‘different’ afterwards, his treatment always has a clear impact on her internally somehow.  The treatment can calm her on her very unsettled days and liven her up on the occasions she has gone more introverted and her senses seem 'dulled' down.  

I have no doubt that if we hadn't started this journey with Clifford four years ago our daughter wouldn't be able to enjoy the peace she has now. She is able to attend school regularly and smile and be happy. 

Emmy has been officially diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange syndrome earlier this year.  She has it on the SMC1A gene, which means that she has a very rare and mild case. 

This means that Emmy has global developmental delay, plus other health problems, including skeletal/mobility problems and speech delay. However, her ability to walk with support is still slowly improving and her concentration has increased.

She's super interested in the world around her, so each day we have progression and with it bags of pride. 

Since changing her life and offering her the opportunity to have cranio-sacral therapy as part of the holistic approach to her health, Emmy has much more time in the day to learn and experience the world.  She suffers from seizures 90% less now and this has a huge impact on her life and health, the profoundly important things we all can so easily take for granted.

This has a resounding effect on us as her parents and makes life so much easier and less stressful to deal with.  We are now able to live rather than merely survive in a state of constant fear, anxiety and insomnia. That is the power of Still Point. It touches us all. 






Anthea's Story - December 2016


From Anthea – a horse addict in my fifth (or is it sixth) decade

I found Clifford Conway through a friend who had regained the feeling in one leg after seeing him – the NHS had written her off as ‘unable to be helped’, despite the fact that she couldn't tell if her foot was in contact with the ground without looking.

I had chronic pain through my lower back and hips and had also been told by the NHS that nothing was wrong and I should just be managed with painkillers – despite not being able to get in and out of cars easily or to stoop to pick anything up – and don’t even mention the ridiculousness of getting in and out of chairs. Worst of all, I couldn’t get on and off my horse – although riding was still fine, if I could find a mounting block high enough.

Clifford has spent a long time getting me back to ‘normal’ – working his way up and down my spine undoing years of kinks and knots that I had ignored for far too long – dating right back to my first fall aged 14 - from a pair of roller skates, not a horse – although there have been a few of those over the decades. If only I’d found him years ago, I’d have saved myself from a lot of pain and Clifford from many hours of unpicking layers of damage.

During that time he has also put stop to my daughter’s migraines by unlocking neck vertebrae that had been knocked out of line by falls in her toddler days many years before. He’s also sorted out my husband’s back after a couple of minor incidents and sorted my son’s neck when he picked up a whiplash injury.

I’ve already recommended him to several friends and would thoroughly recommend anyone in any doubt to just go!



Phil's Story - November 2016

I first met Cliff around 2 and a half years ago, about 9-10 months after I had had my accident. I am a climbing instructor by trade and one day, with the blink of an eye, it all went wrong. I was pulled off the top of a cliff and fell over 70 foot (free fall) before bouncing and rolling a further 150 foot through rocky terrain. As you can imagine I did a lot of damage, fracturing 27 bones, dislocating my spine and shoulder, puncturing a lung and generally bashing myself up. The main cause for concern was my pelvis and lower back which were smashed to pieces. I spent over 3 months in hospital and initially there were concerns over my ability to walk again properly and how many further operations may be needed to get me just to the point of standing. I was told I would never return to my career, walk long distances, ride a bike, paddle a boat.... all the stuff I loved to do. The initial recovery was slow, painful and scary. I tried all sorts of alternative treatments, scenar, acupuncture, bowen technique etc to supplement my NHS physio. I have nothing but praise for the NHS but the language used by the physio team was always very negative... 'you'll never be able to do that' 'forget about that' 'lower your expectations'.  I was constantly on the look out for something or someone who could help me out, even just 1%. I started doing basic Pilates classes locally with an excellent teacher called Monica Dare. This was the start of a change, slowly but surely I was getting stronger. After only a short while she recommended I see her partner Cliff Conway and then things really began to change. In Cliff I found an expert, someone who knows the mechanics of the body and how to approach it when its broken. I instantly warmed to him and felt I was in the hands of someone who could help me and I listened to every word as he treated me, using positive language... 'give it a go and stop if it hurts' 'your body has changed so we need to find out the best way to use it' 'we'll start slowly and build it up' 'the human body has an amazing way of adapting'. Over the months I grew stronger, fitter and more confident. Cliff advised me on forms of exercise, stretches and rest alongside his treatments and even contacted my consultant which led to me seeing experts in Wrightington hospital. A year or so after seeing Cliff I went back to work as an outdoor pursuits instructor, I now run a small outdoor center taking children climbing, mountaineering, canoeing, caving, biking etc etc. I'm married and have a 3 month old son, I climbed all 214 Wainwrights in 2015 and ran 6 miles the other day! I owe a lot to Cliff, my body was badly broken and although it'll never be fully fixed I thank Cliff for the huge part he has played, and continues to play, in getting me to where I am now. 

Cheers Cliff!




Fiona's Story - September 2016

 Throughout my journey from recurrent lower back pain towards a fitter, more mobile life, Clifford has offered high quality diagnoses, treatment and advice. Clifford explained my body’s unwinding process, while he treated me for old, previously undiagnosed injuries. Clifford’s understanding of the spine meant that he would offer relief from pain, but also predict what my body would do next in reaction to the unwinding process- his predictions were always so accurate that I always had complete trust in this treatment programme. Clifford’s knowledge of the body doesn’t just stop at the bones and muscles – he has supported me though fertility and menstrual problems, demonstrating a professional yet sensitive approach to the psychology, spirituality and physicality of my body tissue. He taught me self-care techniques for difficult times and advised a route though exercise to maintain wellbeing. I have recommended Clifford to my entire family, who have all found him to be as wonderful as I have. Clifford is an invaluable clinician in my circle of health practitioners.


Annie's Story - July 2016

 I first met Clifford approximately 2 years ago when my baby girl would not lie on her back at all. She had horrible reflux and colic and the fact we couldn't get her to lie down meant we got very little sleep. Oh and she screamed all evening. I found Clifford on the Internet and took her along, hoping for a miracle. That miracle came true, after the first session with Clifford, she was hugely improved and she was very soon a very different baby. Happy, content and was perfectly happy going to sleep on her back. 

I then decided to see Clifford when I suddenly had problems with my own back (which Clifford had warned might happen when he observed me during a visit). I had never linked some of my other issues to my back before, but very soon I was feeling a whole lot better. My back felt better, pains /aches in my groin and neck suddenly disappeared and a cough allopathic medicine could never deal with vanished.

I then found out I was pregnant again and had a number of appointments with Clifford prior to birthing again. He had explained how treatment could alleviate symptoms of pregnancy and help with the birthing process. My delivery was quick (active labour 3 1/2 hours), less painful (managed without any pain relief or gas and air) and all together better than my first labour and I'm convinced that was due to the preparations with Clifford.

I obviously took my second baby to see Clifford and after problems with wind/colic he is now a happy, smiley content little boy who brings his wind up a lot easier and feeds 100% better than he was doing prior to seeing him. The difference is unbelievable.

I can't stress enough how much Clifford can help with a huge range of issues. I think every pregnant woman and baby should definitely go and see him. 



Sally's Story - June 2016

I first visited Clifford at the beginning of 2015 hoping that he could sort out my bad back, not really hoping for much as I had been to see so many other people over the years.  I was in for quite a surprise, as Clifford wanted to know my whole history and said he may be able to help with many of my other problems that I had given up hope of ever sorting out.

I had struggled with my stomach for as long as I can remember.  My parents took me to a number of doctors and were given strong painkillers, which only masked the problem.  I had been palmed off from one specialist to another until I was seriously ill with acute pancreatitis aged 22.  I then had a recurrence aged 23 and it was much worse, it took a very long time to get over.  Then my gall bladder was removed as it was on the point of rupturing.  I still struggled with pain and keeping my bowels under control.  The doctor told me it was IBS and they couldn't do any more for me; I just had to live with it.  There were so many things I couldn't eat as they would upset my stomach.  I would have multiple ‘accidents’ each week and spent a long time despairing that if I was like this in my twenties and early thirties how was I going to cope, as I got older?  

I had also managed to hurt my back a number of times over the years.  I fell rock climbing, hurt myself sledging, hurt myself skiing and fell off horses.  It had got to the point I couldn't remember the last time my back hadn't hurt. 

I did not have high hopes as I went into my first appointment with Clifford, as I had been disappointed so many times in the past.  This feeling quickly changed as for once someone was actually listening to what I was saying!  Listening and taking me seriously!  I had my first treatment and immediately felt a change.  I went home to my husband and cried because I felt I had finally found someone who could make a difference.  

That was the start of my recovery.  Since then I have had regular appointments and everything is so much better.  After the first month my tummy stopped blowing up like a balloon and there was a huge improvement with my digestion.  I slept better than I had in years, the horrible exhaustion that I had put up with for years had finally gone. Allergies have completely disappeared - food intolerances, skin conditions and allergy to my horses.  After a couple of months I was trying cheese and chocolate again - and it was good!  My back no longer hurts and I honestly feel like a different person.  

I cannot believe the difference that Clifford has made to my health.  I started running and have entered into my first race.  I ride my horses and my back is not complaining.  I swim and feel like I did when I was fourteen again.  It has taken me a while to write this because I have found it difficult to put into words just how much better I feel.  I am so grateful that I have been given my health and life back.

Comment:  I asked Sally if she would relate her story, as she is such a typical presentation of the many patients I see. Sally’s numerous and troublesome symptoms often defy the logic of the medical profession. Why? Because the traumatic history is the relevant key to change. Understanding trauma and its cumulative effects over time on the body. Sally's problems began at a very early age with her very first horse fall! Symptoms that may begin in the musculo-skeletal system and progress to visceral and functional disturbances as time progresses – and cause and effect then take their toll on the body’s ability to compensate adequately. Thus each trauma compounds the next – and the next. Understanding the starting point – and where it all began is the key to change. The treatment regime is known as SAT (Specific Adjusting Technique), which I adhere to in cases like Sally’s. It is an ‘unraveling’ process allowing the body to journey toward normal function. For more information on SAT – read about my mentor Tom Dummer on my website.



Wendy's Story - June 2016

I have been visiting Clifford Conway at his practice, Still Point for almost 12 years now.  I was involved in a road traffic collision in 2004 and suffered with whiplash; Clifford was recommended to me and I went along.  Well, here I am 12 years on still visiting his practice and still receiving first class treatment.  Still Point is the one place that I can visit, safe in the knowledge that I will come out feeling ‘fixed’ without unnecessary repeat appointments.   I work as a Paramedic and this in itself brings about unavoidable lifting and twisting which unfortunately causes me to have regular back problems.  It is my biggest fear that whilst I’m still working in my chosen profession, that Clifford will retire as I wouldn’t be able to continue if I didn’t have the constant support in someone that knows my body and what strains I put it under.   Over the 12 years I have recommended Clifford at Still Point to many of my family and friends and I’ve not once heard anyone say that they were not happy with the treatment that they received.




Dave's Story - September 2012

I have been a runner ever since I can remember, I started running as a middle distance runner and achieved early success whilst I was at school. At the age of 16 I joined the Army as a junior soldier and was the JLR RAC 800 metre champion for 2 years.


On joining my Regiment I was part of the X-Country team and was the Regimental X- Country Champion for 4 years, I later moved up to the marathon achieving a Personal Best time of 2hours 36 Minutes and after returning from the 1991 Gulf war I changed sports and started competing in Triathlons where I completed the 2004 Lanzarote Ironman race in 15 hours 34 Minutes.


I was racing in the London marathon in 2005 when I tore my left calf muscle and I was unable to continue the race and had to pull out. I went to see a physiotherapist who diagnosed that I over pronated. I went to see a podiatrist who agreed with this diagnosis and prescribed a pair of orthotics, I used these for 12 months and I found them really uncomfortable and after further discussions with the physiotherapist it was recommended that I went to see another podiatrist. Yet again I was diagnosed as an over pronator and another pair of orthotics were made for me, however I also struggled with this pair of orthotics, but I was encouraged to continue with these insoles for another year.


After a slight back problem my wife Wendy recommended I went to see Clifford Conway a Cranial Osteopath, after listening to my story he gave me an initial assessment and informed me that I had a back problem that could be fixed and if he was correct I didn’t require orthotics. He told me that C4, T5 and my pelvis were out of alignment. Clifford then made adjustments to my back whereby my pelvis came back into alignment. After he had completed his treatment he informed me that my pelvis was back into anatomical position and I would no longer need to wear the orthotics, which turned out to be correct. He also informed me that the reason for my back and pelvis being out of position was due to some kind of accident. I did mention to Clifford that I had not had any significant accidents that I was aware of but spent the next few days thinking about this. It turned out that I had been involved in an accident when I was brought off my bicycle during a triathlon and this was the cause of my calf problems.


After treatment I was able to start training again and subsequently completed the 4 peaks challenge as well as other races. I have been treated by Clifford on many occasions and he helped me recover from an arthroscopy. Due to the information imparted by Clifford I am now more aware of my body position and I know when something has moved and when I need to be seen again.

Comment: Dave first came to see me in February 2009. One of the anomalies that I come across is the use of Orthotics that are inappropriate, whether this be for 'over-pronation' or 'one leg longer than the other' etc.  My mentor, Tom Dummer said that a 'short leg' was actually very rare.  He said that most people could be said to have a 'functional short leg' due to spinal compensation and the way the overall posture expresses itself in movement, function and balance.  I have found this to be largely true - short leg particularly is mostly associated with gross trauma rather than 'growth anomaly'.  In Dave's case, his gait change due to spinal compensation from his accident was the cause of his presenting symptoms.



Mike's Story - October 2012

3 or 4 years ago, I began experiencing painful attacks of hip/back pain. Whilst not completely debilitating they sometimes lasted a few days. The attacks were diagnosed as Sciatica, only to be expected in a male of my age (69), and was advised to take painkillers. In October 2009 these attacks became more painful and I was referred to hospital for an MRI scan. Results showed 2 discs at base of spine badly deteriorated and advised, “to take care”.


In January 2010 whilst on holiday in Sri Lanka, my back became extremely painful and stiff. The 11 hour flight back to the UK was excruciating, so much so, that when we landed I was unable to walk and had to have wheelchair assistance. The GP prescribed extra strong painkillers and referred me to a Muscular Skeletal Clinic. The specialist at the clinic informed me I had a slipped disc compressing on a nerve requiring an operation. He referred me to a spinal Surgeon at Salford Royal Hospital. At this time I also developed what is known as ‘drop foot’ which I found quite alarming as I had little control over my leg or foot when walking.


Whilst visiting friends, one of whom is Cliff Conway, a practicing Osteopath then (now Osteomyologist), suggested he have a look at my problem to see if he could help. At this point I have to confess that although he is a good friend, I felt more than a little sceptical and apprehensive about having treatment. However, being in so much pain I accepted his advice and let him examine me.  Much to my amazement, after 2 or 3 treatments, I began to feel much better and my drop foot improved a little too.  


During the time I was having my treatment from Cliff, I also attended an appointment with the surgeon at the Salford Royal who told me he could operate but advised it was not always successful and if the pain was bearable at the moment, he suggested maybe I should wait a while longer. He did say my  “drop foot” would probably be with me for good!


 I continued to have treatments with Cliff, improving gradually all the time and the rest is history! I am once again able to walk, swim and ride a bike (I do avoid heavy lifting however) and my drop foot has disappeared together with my scepticism!! 


Comment: This is a typical story of someone in the medical system, heading toward surgery.  Mike is not alone in feeling that a Surgeon’s advice is the only possible course of action. When I looked at his MRI report, it was apparent that the disc prolapses were long standing issues. He was experiencing an acute low back situation alongside the already ‘bulging discs’, much aggravated by the long flight and activities abroad with his young grandson. He has had to adapt, given his age and the nature of the problem, but with appropriate advice and follow-up care, I think surgery is far from his thoughts at the moment.


Sue's Story - January 2013

Twenty years ago I was hit by a car whilst cycling home form work.  I suffered whiplash injuries, temporary paralysis in my lower back and a haematoma at the back of my left knee.  After several months of physiotherapy I gradually became able to take up the activities I had previously enjoyed ie fell running, walking, horse riding and cycling.  Unfortunately I’ve never regained the levels of fitness or flexibility I had, and as I’ve got older the difficulties with balance and the pains in my back and neck have gradually increased.  I’d just about given up running altogether and started to do some Nordic walking as the using the poles helped the pains in my back and knees.  However, stiles were becoming a big problem as lifting my legs to get over them was really hurting in my back and hips!  Getting on a horse was also becoming increasingly painful, but I enjoyed my one hour a week and was determined to keep going as long as possible. 


Then a colleague from work suggested that Clifford might be able to help.  After an initial assessment Clifford explained that the traumas over the years of cycling and riding injuries were the roots of my problems.  He couldn’t cure them completely but he could improve my quality of life.  That’s exactly what he’s done.  I now have a lot more energy, and whilst horse riding is not totally pain free, it’s 95% better than it was.  I spent a week last summer walking the Dales Way with my daughter and felt great.  I think I would have struggled without the treatment, as although it’s a great walk, there are loads of stiles. (In the end we were affectionately calling it the 'Stiles with Miles’ Way!) I think it would have been agony for me had I not been to see Clifford.

With hindsight I wish I had had this treatment a long time ago – it would have saved me a lot of frustration and pain! I am now running again!!


Comment: I see many people like Sue who have suffered a significant traumatic incident during their lifetime. Often more than one trauma. The relevance here is the failure of the body to either adapt or compensate adequately to restore a harmonious balance. This is because the Central Nervous System (CNS) has been unable to find a way of restoring  the body back to its previous 'normal' function pre-trauma. Cause and effect are profound in this process and there proceeds a constant shifting pattern of change through life as the individual attempts to function on a different level which is constantly challenged by their lifestyle. Addressing the effects of traumatic events from the past, allows the body to find a way back to a better function/balance for that individual.